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Microspie software app spia cellulari gps spiare disavio


I deal with
Consulting Services and Sales
 Investigative technologies and security surveillance systems

Nello Disavio to date Entrepreneur Former Sergeant Major 9 Col Moschin special forces
I deal with investigative technology and securityMany different Brands for each sector are part of my network 

Consulting Services Products

Consultations at company headquarters offices residence  Services within 24 hours of request Venedita online products and software


I do consulting work for Companies and Individuals and workers in the field. You can request a consultation via Phone at one of the offices or at the corporate office or residence


Sales of products and systems in the field of Investigative Technologies audio video security surveillance. Customized solutions for every need 

Telephone monitoring

Android cell phone control software for remote storage and control of all activities

Anti Wiretapping

Anti wiretap and environmental systems wiretap remediation service for cars home offices premises and boats

Polygraph Test

The polygraph test better known as the vertia machine you can request to take the test at one of our offices or at your residence or business location


Received by appointment at one of the business centers

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Monza Via Antonio Gramsci, 28


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