Franchise launch Disavio investigative technologies

Consulenza Servizi e Prodotti sorveglianza e sicurezza

Franchise launch Disavio investigative technologies

Drawing on the knowledge and skills acquired over the past 20 years in the industry, I decided to want to expand and make the network of collaborations more and more widespread throughout the country and internationally to ensure that an increasingly timely and professional service is offered.

The DiSavio Franchise project was born from the beginning of 2018 when it was planned to register the “DISAVIO” Brand in order to carry out a real identity philosophy combined with its own brand, a symbol of professionalism and guarantee


Types of Franchises

Disavio Store
Stores over 150sqm, located in shopping centers and parks . Designed to sell all our product categories.

Disavio Consulting
Consulting and sales offices located in medium or large cities. Designed for Investigation Agencies and security setore operators.

Disavio Point
Outlets and businesses already in the area that want to expand their product line and services



General information go to the web page https://nellodisavio.com/franchising-tecnologie-investigative/






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