Anti eavesdropping

Consulenza sorveglianza e sicurezza

Anti eavesdropping

Anti Wiretapping

Environmental Anti Phone Interception Systems

For the protection of privacy and corporate secrecy

How to defend against unauthorized wiretapping


Telephone and Environmental Wiretapping

We can divide wiretapping into Legal i.e., both those authorized by the judiciary and Illegal wiretapping carried out by private individuals for various reasons using freely available products and more…


In Italy, wiretapping is regulated by special decree law. Authorization from the judiciary is required to be carried out.


in investigations and possible to intercept phone conversations and sms messages through mobile phone companies that forwards all calls to the law enforcement listening station and also possible to intercept calls via internet web browsing through special software provided to law enforcement.

In extreme cases, investigators intercept calls by installing telephone bugs on the landline Cellular phones, on the other hand, are tapped using a special apparatus (Rohde & Schwarz among manufacturers), usually mounted on a car or van close to the user to be tapped (hundreds of meters or a few kilometers). It emulates a Gsm cell, overlaying the operator’s network; it draws the user’s phone call onto itself so it can be managed and recorded.

But it is also possible to install on the victim’s cell phone a spy software / spyware Spyphone that secretly forwards via the Internet all audio files of recorded phone calls Messanger Whatsapp chats web browsing photos videos and the exact location of the phone by activating in spy mode GPS but not only that and also it is possible to use the cell phone as an environmental bug by activating the microphone to listen to environmental conversations.To do this operation It is not necessary to have the cell phone in hand: the software can be sent, like a virus, via Bluetooth or text message . some types of spyware work as a cell phone bug even when the Phone is turned off . The bugs are chips, usually inserted near the battery, that forward via short-range radio waves the sounds captured by the microphone and speaker.


Separate discussion regarding environmental eavesdropping, which unlike telephone eavesdropping, it is necessary to install bugs

Environmental eavesdropping is mainly carried out using wiretaps, directional microphones, contact microphones and hidden cameras.




The technical problem for bug and camera is twofold, involving first the placement of the data source, which often requires entering private property and/or inhabited areas, and then of access to the data being captured. If radio transmission is not possible, the data can only be accessed by physically retrieving the device, repeating access to the observed area.

The directional microphone, on the other hand, is a type of microphone suitable for use from a relative distance; being equipped with a cone with a function of selectively amplifying sound coming from a given direction, as well as with appropriate software for optimizing and filtering the captured sound, with the directional microphone it is possible to listen to conversations even without having a device within the observed area.

A contact microphone, on the other hand, is a device equipped with software for maximizing the volumetric phonic output, which typically allows for listening to conversations that take place beyond a wall or slab, or at a distance by means of supporting pipes or other improper conductors (e.g., central heating systems).

Before we delve into the anti eavesdropping systems, let’s take a short digression and try to understand the various fields of application and especially to whom and why the service is aimed.


The consultancy is aimed at entrepreneurs companies that need to keep sensitive information confidential such as the launch of a new product the design of new technologies in technology and beyond ;Developers of new technologies or innovation in other fields and all those figures that need to keep ideas and projects safe.



Methodologies and devices can be used to secure specific areas at a given time to avoid the use of recording systems microphones video cameras and cameras.Such as:


Crypto cell phones , microphone jammers, gsm bug and spyphone detectors, shielded cameras, and other types of anti wiretap and environmental devices



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