How to tell if your cell phone is spied on with spyware Pegasus

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How to tell if your cell phone is spied on with spyware Pegasus

How to tell if your cell phone is spied on

Mobile Verification Toolkit” (MVT) free resource

by Amnesty International researchers

It was developed by Amnesty International researchers the free resource for researching and removing Spyware Pegasus cell phone spy software used to spy on the cell phones of activist journalists and politicians halfway around the world.

Pegasus can be installed without the user’s knowledge on both Android and iPhone smartphones, exploiting app vulnerabilities, even through Whatsapp it would be enough in fact to send a voice call without the need to answer to make the spyware Pegasus syntax on the phone whether it is Android or Iphone the spyware and able to access an infinite number of data (SMS, email, chat, photos, videos, contacts, calendar, GPS), activate microphone and camera. The information is then passed on to the perpetrators of the attack.




Mobile Verification Toolkit” (MVT)

Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) è uno strumento per facilitare l'analisi forense consensuale di dispositivi Android e iOS, allo scopo di identificare tracce di compromissione.

In questa documentazione troverai istruzioni su come installare ed eseguire i comandi mvt-ios e mvt-android e indicazioni su come interpretare i risultati estratti.


You can use the resource at the following webpage Mobile Verification Toolkit” (MVT), a tool made available completely free of charge by Amnesty International researchers




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