Spying on a cell phone with one ring Zero click spy app

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Spying on a cell phone with one ring Zero click spy app

Zero click spy apps are of the app that installs on the target phone without the need to open photos or links but during a call on whatsapp even with no answer in fact just a few rings are enough for the spy software to install itself. If this sounds unbelievable to you, you may never have heard of Pegasus software.

They exploit a rezo day vulnerability the Pegasus software was able to infect the target cell phone both Iphone and Android while sending a call via whatsapp infected thousands of smartphones to date the security flaw has been fixed so remember to always update your cell phone.

Unfortunately, systems to defend against these attacks to date do not exist partly because updates for protection almost always occur after the attacks.

Video https://youtube.com/shorts/c5hP58ID8UU?feature=share



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